I can only go so many days without being outside, and the constant rain is making me antsy.

I drove headily south to arrive at the trailhead for Ledges Trail

ledges trail map

Ledges trail is one of the more popular trails within Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It is a 1.8mi loop that I would rate "easy." I typically park at the lot at ledges shelter. The trail dives down through a forest which to me always appears dark and ominous, charred bark ringing the bottoms of the trees. Soon you will find yourself at the bottom of the eponymous "ledges." Strangely out of place, almost mystic, giant squared-off boulders jut abruptly upwards through the trees. I think of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in Fantasia. 

ledges trail

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As you make your way around the loop, you will come across Ice Box Cave. It's closed, to protect the local bat population from the spread of white nose fungus. Move along.

Explore a little. Climb your way up into crevices and mini slot canyons. Wonder how these boulders landed here. 

best hikes cuyahoga valley national park

You will have the option to take several connecting trails to other short loops. I typically combine Ledges trail with the Pine Grove trail, which adds another 1.5 miles. Pine grove trail is, not surprisingly, a short trail through a pine forest. You will have to cross the park road on this trail, which detracts a bit. Otherwise, I find this to be an easy and pleasant trail. It has a tendency to be muddy. I find this section of the trail to be much brighter than the forest you will encounter on Ledges trail. 

Trail Info:

Length: Short : 3.3 miles (two loops combined)
Best time of year: All seasons
Difficulty rating: Easy
Fees: None
What to pack: Water, comfortable shoes

Carry on, graceful hikers.


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