Trip Report: Olympic National Park Part 2: Sea Stacks

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Sea stacks stand iconically dotting the west coast, strange islands of forest in the ocean.

Second Beach
Sea stacks are formed when the cliffs along the coastline collapse into the ocean, leaving isolated blocks and spires of land stranded at sea. There are many areas within park lands which allow you to see these odd features.

We visited Second Beach and Ruby Beach. Rialto beach is popular as well however it was closed when we visited (always check the park website for trail closures before visiting). When you arrive at the second beach trailhead, you will pass a salmon hatchery and a stretch of beautiful forest as you descend down to the beach itself.

Sunset at second beach

Second beach additionally has excellent tidepooling.

Most of the beaches have short trails down from the cliffs to access them. Of course, always stay on the trail and respect park signage. 

Ruby Beach

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