My Going Out Shoes

How can you talk about hiking without talking about hiking shoes? Here's my review of the Vasque Breeze.

The most important thing about hiking shoes is fit. I recommend trying on several pairs before choosing. I ended up picking a boot over a shoe because the ability to lace up the shaft allows for better fit over my narrow ankles. I have small feet and I find that these boots fit snugly without rubbing.

Another important feature to consider is water proofing. Depending on where you live/where you will be hiking, having waterproof shoes can be key. It is useful not only for fording small streams and puddles, but also for mud and snowmelt. These particular boots are lined with Gore-Tex. Keep in mind that waterproof footwear is typically warmer due to the waterproof linings/coatings.
I have owned this pair for about a year and a half, and the waterproofing is still going strong.

They come equipped with a solid "multipurpose" tread that allows you to get a grip on smooth rock and in mud, but isn't so aggressive that you can't walk on concrete.
I find them to be extremely comfortable and were blister-free for me almost right out of the box. As mentioned, I have owned them for about a year and a half. They have been through Glacier National Park as well as Zion and many places and miles in between with me. So far I have found them to be durable and high quality.

What are your favorite hiking boots?


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