Squaw Rock Trail

One of my favorite spots for photography around Cleveland is Squaw Rock trail, in south chagrin metropark. This is a real short but sweet trail - if you're looking for a good hike, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a very scenic 0.6mile.

Note it is marked in solid white in the map above.

You'll start out from the parking lot (which is easy to find - just put "squaw rock picnic area" into google maps). The trail begins as a descent down a spiral staircase to the banks of the chagrin river. Large boulders and rock formations line the trail, left over from when Ohio was covered in glaciers during the ice age. These are similar to those that can be found at Ledges Trail.

Did you know you are in the glaciated plateau? 

You'll walk along the river bank and then come across this thing:

Turns out this is "Squaw Rock" itself, and no one is really sure what it is supposed to represent. It was probably carved by artist Henry Church in 1885.

Take the time at this point to appreciate the serenity of the Chagrin river. As you keep walking, you will start to hear the distant sound of rushing water.

For me, this pretty little waterfall makes the trail worthwhile. It is one of the more photogenic waterfalls in Northeast Ohio, in my opinion. 

From here, ascend the stairs and return to your car. Congratulations! You're done.

Trail Info:

Length: Very short : 0.6 miles (loop)
Best time of year: All seasons
Difficulty rating: Easy
Fees: None
What to pack: Water, comfortable shoes


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