Olympic Peninsula: Extras: Whale Watching

The olympic peninsula in Washington state is an excellent area to view marine wildlife, from otters, to sea lions, to the massive humpback whale.

Race Rocks Lighthouse

There are many areas near Seattle to go whale watching. We ended up taking a tour that left from Port Angeles and headed up toward Race Rocks marine preserve. What you will see of course will vary from day to day, as these are wild animals and their movements cannot be totally predicted. May - September is the best season to see whales.

If you do decide to go whale watching, remember to bring sunglasses, binoculars, and jackets -- it is much colder out on the water than it is on land.

Transient Orca

We saw two orca pods on our trip.

Transient Orca
Sea Lions

We also saw many seals, sea lions, and birds.

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So what do you think? Have you ever been whale watching?

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